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NEED: Automated management of privileged credentials
PROBLEM: IT administrator productivity impacted by managing passwords
SOLUTION: Automatically change administrator passwords

“We have a lot of administrator accounts that we need to manage. That includes changing the credentials for each account on a regular schedule. We were tracking the credentials on a shared spreadsheet in IT. Keeping it updated, and making sure the passwords were accurate and properly secured, took way too much of my administrators’ time. With Rapid Enterprise Defense (RED) Identity Management we completely eliminated the manual privileged credential management process and replaced it with an automated solution.”

IT Systems Integrator 

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NEED: Automate repetitive IT tasks
PROBLEM: IT spent too much time on manual password changes
SOLUTION: Continuous privileged credential rotation

“We needed to secure administrator logins and other privileged account passwords. Our IT personnel changed these credentials manually, documenting and updating every instance in branches throughout North America.”

“However, our manual change processes were so time consuming that it had gotten completely out of hand. From start to finish our privileged account password updates would take an entire month of staff time. That meant a lot of overtime.”

“We achieved significant productivity gains with RED Identity Management. Previously it could take significant time to acquire the login credentials for a server that needed maintenance, run a remote desktop to the server, and then figure out what to do with the password. RED Identity Management saves our IT staff a lot of time and improves their job satisfaction.”

“Without RED Identity Management, changing all of our privileged account passwords every 30 days would be a full time project for our IT staff. The amount of time saved versus doing manual password changes is significant. We know that this software is easily going to pay for itself within the first year.”

– Manager of IS Security   

Learn more about how RED Identity Management can help ease your IT administration workload at our Continuous Privileged Credential Management page.

Cloud Service Provider

NEED: Fine-grained control over who accesses privileged accounts and how they are being used
PROBLEM: Time-consuming manual processes of storing passwords on spreadsheets diminished IT productivity
SOLUTION: Automate what would otherwise be days of work into a single click of a button

“Securing and managing the password lifecycles for service accounts, as well as the shared privileged accounts on our network, was a struggle. Our cumbersome, time-consuming manual processes were diminishing IT productivity.”

“We were storing privileged passwords on two encrypted spreadsheets. It was a management headache and it didn’t give us fine-grained control over who was accessing the spreadsheets and how they were using the stored passwords.”

“The key advantage of RED Identity Management for us is that it automates what would otherwise be days of work into a single click of a button.”

“RED Identity Management also adds significantly to our ability to monitor and maintain all of the systems in our enterprise. For example, we can now understand that system admin John Doe accessed a certain password. We can see what he did with that credential – if he modified or installed something. With RED Identity Management, we as an executive management team now have an understanding of what’s occurring on our network, ensuring that people are taking the proper course of action.”

– Senior VP of Technology 

Learn more about how RED Identity Management can help ease your IT administration workload at our Continuous Privileged Credential Management page.

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NEED: Hit a particular target date for SOX audit
PROBLEM: Resourcing issue
SOLUTION: Rapid Privileged Access Management deployment

“In order to hit a particular target date for a Sarbanes-Oxley audit we needed to get RED Identity Management up and running quickly. We had a resourcing issue. Everybody here is tied up with other projects and we knew the adoption of the product into our enterprise would be a very involved process. So we worked with Lieberman Software technicians.”

“The process was seamless. The actual implementation of installing the software, getting it configured, and setting up the web site was simple as 1-2-3.”

– Enterprise IT Architect

Learn more about RED Identity Management’s Ease of Deployment.

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