Financial Services Firm Finance-40x40-min

NEED: SOX Compliance
PROBLEM: Shared Password List
SOLUTION: Audit Privileged Access

“As a publicly traded financial institution, regulatory compliance mandates like Sarbanes-Oxley are very important for us. Our internal audit department identified a security deficiency – a shared password list. If someone with access to that list left the firm they could take the whole thing with them. The company would be screwed.”

“We selected Rapid Enterprise Defense (RED) Identity Management for its ability to audit access to privileged credentials. It lets us grant access for our users to individual accounts and individual rights. That’s huge for us. We used to have privileged accounts with all kinds of elevated rights. We didn’t know the passwords for the accounts or who had access to them. The whole process was in shambles. RED Identity Management tied off that IT audit deficiency while significantly improving the cyber security of our firm.”

Enterprise IT Architect

For details on how we can help you with regulatory compliance, please visit our Meeting Regulatory Compliance page.

Multinational Bank  Finance-40x40-min

NEED: To pass impending security audit
PROBLEM: Needed privileged access management implemented quickly
SOLUTION: Privilege Management platform deployed, configured and operational in less than two weeks

“As regulatory compliance requirements evolved, we faced new mandates to track access to privileged accounts and prove that proper controls over these ‘super user’ credentials were in place. To meet an impending audit deadline, we were on an immediate deadline – weeks, not months. We needed to get a solution rolled into production quickly.”

“We selected RED Identity Management and with help from Lieberman Software engineers we completed the entire project in less than two weeks. We easily passed the audit. More importantly, we now have a long-term solution in place to continuously manage, monitor and report privileged access to sensitive systems and configuration settings.”

– Systems Engineer

For details on how we can help you with regulatory compliance, please visit our Meeting Regulatory Compliance page.

Pharmaceutical Company

NEED: Comply with SOX regulations
PROBLEM: No way to track, change and audit access to privileged accounts at scale
SOLUTION: Automatically change privileged credentials and audit access

“To meet our Sarbanes-Oxley compliance mandates, we were required to frequently change all administrator passwords in our network and audit these changes. If you only have one or two systems that’s easy. But when you manage hundreds of systems, it’s time-consuming to administer, and difficult to track all of the changes.”

RED Identity Management lets us make frequent, scheduled changes to privileged accounts throughout the enterprise, with unique credentials for each account – in accordance with SOX mandates. And whenever a delegated IT administrator needs to use a password to perform routine systems maintenance tasks, the password is automatically spun to a new value when checked back in.”

– Network Engineer

For details on how we can help you with regulatory compliance, please visit our Meeting Regulatory Compliance page.

Government Agency

NEED: Track and audit privileged access
PROBLEM: IT staff had anonymous, shared access to privileged accounts
SOLUTION: Audit administrative access to privileged accounts

“Most of our administrator accounts were tied to generic passwords, and there was no way to identify who was using them. We were sharing the same passwords between about 10 people and relying on the honor system to ensure that no one was abusing administrative privilege.”

“Whenever we did change privileged passwords we’d send the new ones in a sealed envelope to the manager of IT security. It was all manual and hardly a secure process for password storage.”

“With RED Identity Management we no longer have the problem of anonymous access to administrator IDs. If someone is making changes to GPOs, for example, and needs the administrator password, RED Identity Management notifies us when the password is checked out.”

“RED Identity Management ensures that the administrative and security tasks that should take place with privileged accounts occur behind the scenes. When you need a password it’s there for you. RED Identity Management increases security by tracking when the passwords are being used and who’s using them. And if someone leaves the IT team you can just remove them from having access to RED Identity Management. There’s no concern about former employees accessing our sensitive information.”

– Systems Engineering Manager

For more details on how RED Identity Management can help track and audit privileged access see our Auditing, Logging & Reporting page.

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