Defeat malicious insiders and attackers by having users run privileged applications on a secure, centralized bastion host instead of on the desktop.

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Configurable Launcher

Enable users to launch applications on local machines or a secure jump server.

Application Access Control

Delegate applications users are authorized to launch with privileged credentials.

Rapid Provisioning

Easily configure secure access to virtually any application within minutes.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Defeat key stroke loggers by requiring users to login with MFA.

SSH Key Authentication

Allow the secure launch of applications, without the need to disclose passwords.

Session Recording

Automatically record user sessions for selected corporate applications – both on-premises and in cloud.

Continuous Auditing

Drive accountability and protect against malicious insider threats by auditing all privileged operations executed by users.

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Use Cases

Contractor Access Control

Application Whitelisting

Continuous Compliance

What Our Customers Say

“We have a lot of people who have access to the ‘keys to the IT kingdom’. Lieberman Software lets us keep tighter control of those keys. That way we don’t lose them.”

– Director of Access

“With Lieberman Software, we now have an understanding of what’s occurring on our network, ensuring that people are taking the proper course of action.”

– Senior VP of Technology

“This capability is particularly useful for securing privileged access to our sizable teams of outsourced IT service providers.”

– IT Security Manager

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