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RED Identity Management


How to Install Lieberman RED Identity Management

2017.09.12 | 8 minutes, 53 seconds

Learn how to install the prerequisites, download the executable from our website and run the installer. Create a database, deploy the website and deploy the web service.


Creating and Populating Management Sets

2017.09.12 | 5 minutes, 56 seconds

How to create management sets (groups of systems, devices and/or databases) and then populate them in an automated fashion using multiple options.

Account Discovery and Usage

2017.09.12 | 7 minutes, 17 seconds

How to refresh Windows systems, discover Windows account usage, and discover Linux/UNIX accounts and parse SUDO permissions.

Managing Passwords – Windows

2017.09.27 | 12 minutes, 55 seconds

How to configure RED Identity Management and manage passwords for Windows.

Managing Identities and Delegations for Password and System Access

2017.12.21 | 14 minutes, 47 seconds

How to configure RED Identity Management delegation.

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