We are pleased to announce the release of RED Identity Management (formerly Enterprise Random Password Manager and Random Password Manager). This is the privileged identity and access management module of our new Lieberman RED Suite.

View the recorded webinar to learn more about the new features for RED Identity Management, including:

  • Enhanced SSH key management and discovery (system and account metadata).
  • Additional SSH key types can now be managed and imported.
  • New account elevation features provide strict rule sets for account to group elevation across multiple systems.
  • Web application logon performance has been greatly improved with login times for domain users reduced up to 33%.
  • Numerous enhancements to personal and shared passwords secure stores such as personal encryption passwords for additional layered security for personal passwords.
  • Disconnected Account Management v2 now adds support for systems that will never connect to the system allowing greater freedom and deployment to disconnected systems and networks.
  • Managed Passwords, Shared Passwords, and Personal Password web pages now look essentially the same, have most if not all the same fields and options to provide a seamless experience and reduce cognitive dissonance while using the web application.
  • Proper support for hosting the RED IM components on Windows Server 2016 officially added – no version prior to this could successfully and fully be installed in a native 2016 environment.
  • Support for Windows Server 2016 Scheduled task management and discovery has been added (You must run RED IM from Server 2016!).
  • Native DUO Multi-Factor Authentication support push notifications, phone calls, and plain old token. This adds to the already extensive list of MFA systems we historically supported such as RSA, Phonefactor, Safenet, etc.
  • And much, much more!

Meet Our Speaker

Joe Vachon
Senior Sales Engineer

Joe Vachon provides technical support in service of enterprise sales for Lieberman Software’s flagship privileged identity management solution. He demonstrates software features, tests product for release, supports customers pre- and post-sale, troubleshoots difficult deployments, analyzes customer environments and recommends system design architectures. He installs, configures, and implements customer deployments. Joe is a VMWare Certified Professional, a Cisco CCNA and has multiple Microsoft Certifications. He has a B.A. in Communications from Towson University.

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