We are pleased to announce the release of RED Identity Management (formerly Enterprise Random Password Manager and Random Password Manager). This is the privileged identity and access management module of our new Lieberman RED Suite.

The Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Suite combines privileged identity management, privileged access management and security mass management into one suite. In this webinar, we will discuss the new features.

The new features for RED Identity Management include:

  • Secure cross-platform replacement for Microsoft LAPS. Our new patent-pending Disconnected Account Management feature performs secure password management of: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple Mac and any system that supports Python; No need for domains group policies, and no dependency on Active Directory.
  • Shared credential lists made scalable to very large lists
  • More web pages you can save as Favorites (like Elevation with settings)
  • More web services APIs to support more automation and orchestration scenarios
  • Faster web pages
  • Changed color scheme of charts to use Bootstrap color scheme for consistency of visual experience
  • Enabled Google OAuth and Facebook OAuth support for logins
  • Added SAML Login support for PowerShell, SOAP and REST
  • Improved SSH key management
  • Rewrote the documentation
  • Integrated with VeriClouds to allow customers who login with an email address/upn to see if their credentials have been previously compromised and potentially block access to RED Identity Management
  • Fixed numerous bugs
  • And, much more!

Meet Our Speaker

Joe Vachon
Senior Sales Engineer

Joe Vachon provides technical support in service of enterprise sales for Lieberman Software’s flagship privileged identity management solution. He demonstrates software features, tests product for release, supports customers pre- and post-sale, troubleshoots difficult deployments, analyzes customer environments and recommends system design architectures. He installs, configures, and implements customer deployments. Joe is a VMWare Certified Professional, a Cisco CCNA and has multiple Microsoft Certifications. He has a B.A. in Communications from Towson University.

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