Continuously secure embedded passwords in web application tiers, packaged software programs, line-of-business applications, custom programs and more. Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense automatically changes embedded passwords according to rules that you define for complexity and change frequency. It then synchronizes the changes across interdependent tiers to prevent lockouts and service disruptions.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn how to synchronize changes across your application tiers in these ways:

  • SDK and Orchestration APIs – leveraging Web Services (SOAP/WSDL and REST/JSON) as well as PowerShell – for securing passwords embedded in applications, scripts and other locations across multiple platforms.
  • Custom propagation – “Automatic String Replacement in Files” – to secure passwords in application files including database configuration files, web.config, compiled binary files and others.
  • Process to Find/Update Credentials” – to execute both your custom processes and scripts supplied by you and/or third-party software vendors to update credentials according to your security policies.

Meet Our Speaker

Joe Vachon
Senior Sales Engineer

Joe Vachon provides technical support in service of enterprise sales for Lieberman Software’s flagship privileged identity management solution. He demonstrates software features, tests product for release, supports customers pre- and post-sale, troubleshoots difficult deployments, analyzes customer environments and recommends system design architectures. He installs, configures, and implements customer deployments. Joe is a VMWare Certified Professional, a Cisco CCNA and has multiple Microsoft Certifications. He has a B.A. in Communications from Towson University.

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