Security best practices and IT compliance mandates require that you regularly change the service and process account passwords on your network. These privileged accounts can be stored in services, tasks, COM applications, IIS, SharePoint, databases, and applications – and are found in all cross-platform environments. Because a single service or process account can be referenced in multiple subsystems and places, making a password change can potentially lock out the account and bring down the entire process if performed incorrectly.


Watch this recorded webinar to learn how to:

  • Dynamically discover every location throughout the environment that an account is referenced by a Windows service, task, COM/DCOM object, or AT account
  • Change service account passwords and successfully propagate (distribute) the new credentials to all places where they are being used
  • Configure propagation settings to specify what subsystems on which target computer(s) should be checked for needed updates when a service or process password change job runs
  • Create custom propagations to handle service and process account passwords in applications, scripts, files, and everywhere the accounts are linked

Meet Our Speaker

Chris Stoneff
VP of Technical Management

Chris Stoneff oversees product management, quality assurance and technical support at Lieberman Software, and is responsible for meeting the real-world needs of the company’s customers. With over 17 years of systems administration, consulting, training, and product management experience, Mr. Stoneff is instrumental in guiding the development of the Lieberman Software products portfolio. An accomplished consultant and technical trainer, he has taught thousands of administrators on fundamental and advanced concepts of Windows management and security concepts and key technologies.

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