RED Identity Management automatically and on an ongoing basis discovers targets and privileged accounts a variety of ways, including service and process accounts. It will automatically detect changes in the enterprise and immediately update itself as systems and devices come on and off your network.

Learning or discovery happens in many different fashions: There is system discovery, account and account information scan, and account usage – how an account is used on target systems. This discovery process does not require human intervention once the criteria is established.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn how to:

  • Incorporate automated, continuous privileged account discovery and correlation to regain visibility and command over your environment
  • Automatically add and track privileged accounts on systems found in: Domain systems lists, Network browse lists, Active Directory/Other LDAP-Compliant Directories, Scanned IP address ranges, and ODBC query results from configuration management databases (CMDBs) and other sources

Meet Our Speaker

Chris Stoneff
VP of Technical Management

Chris Stoneff oversees product management, quality assurance and technical support at Lieberman Software, and is responsible for meeting the real-world needs of the company’s customers. With over 17 years of systems administration, consulting, training, and product management experience, Mr. Stoneff is instrumental in guiding the development of the Lieberman Software products portfolio. An accomplished consultant and technical trainer, he has taught thousands of administrators on fundamental and advanced concepts of Windows management and security concepts and key technologies.

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