RED Identity Management

What Does The Lieberman REDTM Suite Do?

Clean-Up compromised/poorly built environments in minutes with our Security Mass Management & Remediation Tools.
Take back an “owned” environment with compromised administrator accounts by rapidly deploying our automated Privileged Identity Management solution.
Automate Privileged Identity & Access Management by implementing hard access controls to sensitive systems and identities.
Create a closed loop environment that automatically remediates intrusions in real-time by using our pre-built connectors for defense-in-depth applications: SIEMs, Advanced Analytics, Vulnerability Scanners, etc.

Intrusion Remediation Cyber Security Suite

The Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise DefenseTM Suite is a series of modules designed for Intrusion Response professionals. The components of the suite focus on the different areas of security, configuration and identity management necessary to successfully analyze and remediate a compromised environment.

Cyber Security Suite

The suite components provide permanent automated countermeasures against sophisticated attackers to reduce losses to acceptable levels, even during constant attack. The Lieberman RED Suite is optimized for speed, handles alternate credentials, understands platforms, and can crawl stacks for credential use.

These tools limit the lifetime of stolen credentials, get rid of well-known and shared credentials, and help you kill off unauthorized installed software. The Lieberman RED Suite disrupts intrusions rapidly, immediately and interactively with surgical precision.

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“I just love these products. They have not only saved me time and valuable IT resources, they have enabled me to complete tasks that could not get done before.”

Linnie Gooch
Wescom Credit Union

Key Features

Automatically discover privileged accounts in the cross-platform enterprise

Randomize, store and retrieve privileged account passwords, including firecall account passwords, shared administrator passwords

Ensure workstations and laptops (Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.) have their local administrator/root account password changed regularly – irrespective of their connectivity to the network

Provide secure, self-service user password resets and unlocks

Identify and disable stale user accounts, and produce compliance reports

Deploy without installing agents or scripts

Provide secure storage of privileged passwords in a SQL Server database

Generate real-time reports for system and security settings on managed systems; integrate with your SIEM system

Identify, analyze and modify all Windows service properties concurrently from one console

Add, remove and edit scheduled tasks on every Windows system; copy and paste tasks with ease

Block malicious software and other unauthorized programs from executing with our patented Cratering feature