Pooled Account Rotation Technical Brief

Take the Fear Out of Enterprise Password Management

Organizations today are challenged by the need to frequently update their “super-user” privileged account credentials to comply with regulatory mandates and keep their networks secure. Among the most difficult privileged accounts to change are the service and process accounts present in services, tasks, COM applications, SharePoint, IIS, databases, line-of-business applications, and many other places. That’s because failing to change interdependent accounts’ credentials in the proper order could lock out an account and bring down critical IT processes. Fortunately, an exclusive privilege management technology from Lieberman Software called Pooled Account Rotation gives you a new kind of safety net.

Download this informative, 4-page technical brief to learn:

  • Why it can be so difficult to safely change inter-dependent process and service accounts;
  • How network latency, system performance problems, and other conditions can cause cascading lockouts whenever you try to change process and service account credentials by conventional means;
  • How Pooled Account Rotation from Lieberman Software can help make password changes more reliable and secure;
  • How real-world organizations are using Pooled Account Rotation to automatically secure their privileged accounts on a continuous basis.

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