Achieve NERC CIP Compliance with Lieberman RED

 The US critical national infrastructure is under assault from nation-states and other advanced attackers. Utilities in the water, power, oil and gas industries must remain vigilant against cyber attacks that could disrupt critical services.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved Version 6 of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection cybersecurity standards (NERC CIP Version 6) to secure the IT assets in North America’s critical infrastructure.

Penalties for non-compliance with NERC CIP can include fines, sanctions or other actions against covered entities.

Download “Achieve NERC CIP Compliance with Lieberman RED” to learn how the Lieberman RED Suite can help you more easily comply with NERC CIPv6 and defend against cyber attacks by:

  • Identifying critical IT assets and regularly performing a risk analysis of those assets
  • Establishing policies for monitoring and changing the configuration of critical IT assets
  • Enforcing IT controls protecting access to critical cyber assets

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