Cyber Defense Behind The Firewall

Next generation firewalls, intrusion detection systems and the like are potent deterrents against known dangers. But when it comes to advanced zero day threats and targeted phishing attacks, perimeter security is ineffective. The bad guys always seem to get in.

So, what can you do? Stay one step ahead with security that blocks intruders from extending their access.

Interior Protection is Your Last Line of Cyber Defense

With Privileged Identity Management you can fortify, prevent and preempt criminal access to your organization. You’ll change credentials faster than hackers can exploit them. And if the intruders can’t leverage your credentials, they can’t access your critical systems.

Download the white paper Next Generation Security: Adaptive Privilege Management to learn how to:

  • Automatically discover and secure your powerful privileged identities – before your adversaries find them
  • Remediate cyber security threats in real-time, faster than intruders can prey on them
  • Halt the lateral motion of intruders who penetrate the network
  • Restrict privileged access to authorized users only

Find out why Ovum analysts say our solution, “offers up a rotating defense surface with frequently updated credentials that zero day threats find difficult to overcome.”