The Lieberman Software product line has been enhanced. Every tool has been updated and included as modules in the new Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Suite.

This set of mature modules is designed to heal compromised IT environments by performing real-time intrusion remediation. Each module uniquely focuses on different areas of cyber security, systems configuration and privileged identity management to successfully analyze and remediate a compromised environment.

Here is the map of the new Lieberman Software product line:

Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) and Random Password Manager (RPM) are now Lieberman RED Identity Management

Automatically find identities and where they are used, on-premises and in the cloud. Randomize the passwords or SSH keys of discovered identities to prevent an attacker from obtaining and exploiting stolen credentials.

User Manager Pro Suite (UMPS) is now Lieberman RED Systems Management

Report on virtually everything happening in the Windows enterprise and then take the necessary corrective actions.

Service Account Manager (SAM)  is now Lieberman RED Services Management

Access, modify and report on Windows service properties concurrently on systems throughout your network, and quickly update service account credentials.

Task Scheduler Pro (TSP) is now Lieberman RED Task Management

Add, remove and edit scheduled tasks en masse, overcoming the limitations of the built-in Windows task scheduler.

COM+ Manager (CPM) is now Lieberman RED COM Management

Administer critical COM+, MTS, and DCOM objects on a mass basis through one integrated display.

Account Reset Console (ARC) is now Lieberman RED Account Reset Management

Let your delegated users reset their own passwords and unlock their own accounts without involving IT staff.