YubicoLieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Identity Management supports flexible, cost-effective multifactor authentication using the Yubico OATH-compliant USB key, YubiKey®. This helps you ensure that the privileged credentials found on every computer, network appliance, and line-of-business application in your organization can’t be compromised by key logging, social engineering, and other attacks.

The YubiKey® USB token provides one-time authentication through your choice of a 128-bit AES encrypted key or OATH 160-bit authentication. More cost effective than conventional tokens and smart cards, the YubiKey has a built-in keyboard driver and is rugged, waterproof and battery-free – with one-button, event-based activation that eliminates synchronization faults and password entry errors.

Yubikey PhotoThe integration between RED Identity Management and YubiKey significantly strengthens the security of  privileged accounts that control access to all hardware platforms, line-of-business applications and computer services. That’s because unlike competing, closed solutions, Yubikey tokens can be re-seeded by authorized IT administrators through the RED Identity Management interface. User-controlled re-seeding eliminates your reliance on outside vendors to replace compromised tokens – as became necessary with past breaches that put competing token providers’ two-factor tokens at risk for tens of millions of users.

Support for YubiKey token authentication is provided at no additional cost to supported RED Identity Management customers. For more information visit the Yubico website or contact a Lieberman Software account manager.

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