view500logoThe ViewDS Directory Server is a repository for hierarchical data designed to support systems and applications across large networks. ViewDS delivers highly-manageable, distributed access to information accessible by a broad range of IT resources through extensive support of X.500, XMLeD and LDAPv3 standards.

Unlike ordinary, application-specific registry and discovery services, ViewDS works without the usual limitations of set object and properties to be discovered. ViewDS acts as a unified service that satisfies the registration and discovery requirements of a large range of applications and use cases across a wide range of industries. Typical uses are Enterprise and Government White and Yellow Pages, Military and Intelligence, Tactical and Order of Battle (ORBAT) environments.

ViewDS provides an efficient method to store account information while delivering high speed authentication services. It stores XML schema and retrieves XML data using component matching and can efficiently replicate information across multiple servers while maintaining a wide array of customer account information.

Rapid Enterprise Defense (RED) Identity Management integrates with ViewDS in two ways.

  • RED Identity Management discovers, secures and manages ViewDS accounts, allowing delegated access through the secure RED Identity Management web interface.
  • RED Identity Management can leverage ViewDS as an authentication source, granting ViewDS accounts permission to access privileged passwords through RED Identity Management.

For more information on ViewDS, please visit: ViewDS