securonix-logo-240Organizations seeking advanced threat detection that encompasses the activities of powerful privileged accounts can benefit from implementing privileged identity management from Lieberman Software in conjunction with the Securonix® Security Intelligence Platform.

The combined technologies help IT Security and Compliance professionals to monitor and analyze insider threats based on privileged user activities across the enterprise.

This innovative joint integration enables the Securonix Security Intelligence Platform to consume Lieberman Software’s award-winning Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Identity Management Privileged Identity Management events in real-time for automated detection of anomalous user or account behavior, as well as advanced privileged identity analytics.

The Lieberman RED Identity Management – Securonix Integration

Together the products help IT professionals quickly detect and remediate anomalous actions by privileged users anywhere in the enterprise. Through this integration:

  • RED Identity Management events are continuously streamed to Securonix
  • Securonix establishes identity context for privileged accounts, including the identification of shared and service accounts
  • Advanced analytics are applied to identify privileged account anomalies, including:
    • Peer Group Analysis to identify any anomalies with respect to peer accounts
    • Behavior Analysis to identify abnormal or suspicious behavior
    • Specific policy-based violations based on known threats or compliance requirements
  • Identity, behavior, and policy driven threat and risk events are automatically scored and prioritized for each monitored account

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