Lieberman Software integrates with Gemalto SafeNet hardware security modules and multi-factor Gemalto SafeNet HSM Integration with Lieberman Softwareauthentication solutions to secure your enterprise.

Hardware Security Module Integration

Government, military and intelligence organizations use hardware security module (HSM) technology to provide a higher level of security than conventional encryption software. Even when keys are encrypted, software debuggers can locate and access the encryption key, allowing the potential compromise of critical data. But, with an HSM, there is no record of keys stored in memory. Instead HSMs store keys in a secure device, physically inside of a computer.

The integration between Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Identity Management and Gemalto’s SafeNet HSMs allows privileged credentials managed by RED Identity Management to be secured with the industry’s highest level of encryption. The technology stores encryption keys in a tamper-resistant hardware device.

Privileged account credentials are targeted in cyber attacks to grant the attackers unrestricted access to sensitive systems. This integration provides customers with the most secure method possible for storing their privileged passwords.

FIPS 140-2 Hardware-Based Encryption for Privileged Passwords

SafeNet HSMs provide RED Identity Management with a secure key management and encryption subsystem that is independently validated to FIPS 140-2 levels 2 and 3, and Common Criteria EAL 4+.

This means that the local account passwords generated by RED Identity Management are securely stored and protected against unauthorized access.

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Contact an account manager to see how the Lieberman Software – SafeNet HSM integration can protect your enterprise.

Multi-factor Authentication Integration

Many of today’s regulatory mandates require multi-factor authentication when requesting privileged access. Use of multi-factor authentication can help safeguard your organization against common hacker exploits. For example, by deploying out-of-band multi-factor authentication using email or SMS delivered to IT staff cell phones – available at no added cost – you can defeat social engineering attacks by adding an additional verification of password requestors’ identities.

Lieberman Software’s privileged identity management solutions offer enhanced security by providing out-of-the-box integration with the Gemalto SafeNet Authentication Service. Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Identity Management can be configured to require 2-Factor Authentication using SafeNet with one click of a button. This integration is supported for use with the RED Identity Management management console (for RED Identity Management application administrators) as well as for use with the product’s password retrieval website (for end-users).

The SafeNet Authentication Service supports tokens and tokenless authentication methods. Choose from a wide range of phone, software, SMS and physical tokens, or consider the GrIDsure tokenless method. All SafeNet Authentication Service tokens allow customizable length and complexity of both the passcode generated by the token and the user’s PIN, allowing organizations to control their security posture.

The Authentication Process

  • Users will enter their usernames and passwords to gain access to RED Identity Management as normal.
  • Users will be prompted for the SafeNet Token Code
  • Depending on how your organization deploys SafeNet, Token Codes will be sent to users via phone, SMS text message, email, etc.
  • After users successfully enter their SafeNet Token Codes, they will be authenticated to the RED Identity Management management console or password retrieval website.
  • SafeNet 2-Factor Authentication usage is recorded in RED Identity Management audit logs for compliance purposes.

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This integration is included with your purchase of RED Identity Management for free – note you will need to acquire the SafeNet Authentication Service itself.

For more information on Lieberman Software’s SafeNet 2-Factor Authentication integration, please contact an account manager.

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