Qualys_206Organizations fail security audits and suffer costly data breaches because their privileged identity passwords go unmanaged. Privileged identities are the so-called “super user” accounts that hold elevated permission to access files, run programs, and change configuration settings. They exist on virtually every component in the IT infrastructure – including business applications, hardware and networking devices, and more.

Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Identity Management   works seamlessly with the Qualys security and vulnerability assessment suite to save IT staff time and augment your network security. In just a few clicks, Qualys can be configured to use credentials managed by RED Identity Management for authenticated scanning of Windows, UNIX, Oracle, MS SQL, IBM DB2 and other IT resources on your network.

Superior Architecture, Superior Integration

RED Identity Management automatically tracks your computers and devices, and for all systems continuously maintains more of the critical identifying data – not just simple names but also fully qualified domain names, IP addresses, and so on. As a result, whenever Qualys queries RED Identity Management, you’re assured of getting the correct credentials needed to complete your security scan – without the repeated error alerts and manual intervention you’ll find with competing integrations.

Get the Lieberman RED Identity Management Qualys Integrated Solution

Together RED Identity Management and Qualys save IT staff time and augment your network security.

  • Maximize the business value of your Qualys implementation by ensuring that privileged credentials are always available, on demand, for all Qualys security assessments and reports.
  • Vastly reduce IT staff overhead by eliminating the need to manually update every credential stored in Qualys whenever the privileged credentials change on managed systems.
  • Eliminate duplicate stores of highly privileged credentials and improve your organization’s security posture by maintaining a single, highly secure and available repository of privileged accounts within RED Identity Management.
  • Maintain continuous compliance with BASEL II, BASEL III, PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, and other key regulations by removing tedious, manual intervention that is otherwise required to change privileged account passwords on physical and virtual tiers – and then update every change in Qualys.

Fast and Simple Setup

It takes just two quick steps to configure Qualys 7.9 and above to achieve instant, programmatic access to privileged account credentials with RED Identity Management.

  1. In Qualys, open the Authentication Vaults window in and choose Lieberman RED Identity Management.
  2. Enter the path, domain, and credentials for the RED Identity Management server.

Once configured, at each scan time Qualys will access the system and software credentials that are securely managed by RED Identity Management.

Learn More

To learn more about the RED Identity Management Qualys integration, contact an account manager.

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