Privileged User Management (PUM) solutions give users and IT staff elevated privileges to UNIX and Linux computers without their accessing root passwords. With today’s PUM solutions you can set fine-grained permission and delegation rules for users and control the privileges, scope, and time frames for their elevated access. PUM software can also give you comprehensive auditing of successful and failed actions taken by users with elevated access.

Privileged User Management with Lieberman Software

Rapid Enterprise Defense (RED) Identity Management provides an open interface that integrates with third-party PUM solutions, giving you direct access to PUM user delegation through the familiar RED Identity Management web interface. Authorized users can log into RED Identity Management, locate the systems they want to control, issue commands and monitor the responses through a single interface. 

This integration is a core RED Identity Management feature that supports all leading PUM solutions and is configurable in minutes through a simple installation Wizard. RED Identity Management works in concert with leading PUM solutions to eliminate a wide range of security threats related to unmanaged privileged passwords. This technical integration helps multi-platform enterprises better address IT audit findings, achieve continuous compliance and reduce the risks of network attackers and insider threats. 

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