NovellNovell eDirectory

Rapid Enterprise Defense (RED) Identity Management is certified in the Novell Ready Application Compatibility Program for Novell eDirectory.

RED Identity Management offers native support for Novell eDirectory, in addition to Microsoft Active Directory and other LDAP directories. Organizations that run eDirectory in their environments can utilize RED Identity Management to automatically discover, store, change and monitor privileged account passwords in the cross-platform enterprise.

Privileged accounts are found in virtually every application, database and infrastructure device throughout the enterprise and have been characterized as the most powerful accounts within an IT enterprise environment, posing the greatest security and regulatory compliance risks. RED Identity Management and RPM have been optimized for performance with eDirectory with appropriate filter and lookup optimization. They also support the wide range of authentication technologies available in eDirectory.

The privileged account problem is not solved by eDirectory alone, and Lieberman Software adds the missing piece that allows Novell customers to achieve greater control over their privileged accounts and implement the required controls that may not currently exist, but are required by regulators and auditors.

A differentiator between Lieberman Software solutions and others in the privileged identity management space is that RED Identity Management is connected full time to eDirectory and uses it as a real-time authentication and access control store. Other products that simply take manual snapshots of a small subset of information in eDirectory do not use the directory to its full potential, and the information in the database is often outdated or incomplete. Since RED Identity Management is a cross-platform solution, it can also draw from non-eDirectory systems concurrently as needed by customers.

Organizations typically have more than one directory where identity information is stored. Solutions that simplify the password management process between disparate identity stores mitigate security risks and lay the foundation for complying with internal and external security mandates and government regulations.

SUSE Linux Enteprise Server 

RED Identity Management also provides native support for SUSE Linux Enterprise from Novell as a managed platform. Organizations that run SUSE Linux Enterprise in their environments can now utilize RED Identity Management to randomize common account credentials on all servers and workstations in the network.

This capability increases the overall security of the enterprise by eliminating the risk caused by maintaining common account credentials on Linux systems. Just as Windows administrators usually set every server and workstation with the same built-in administrator account and password, Linux administrators often take a similar risk by configuring the root accounts on each system with identical passwords.

Without an efficient method to randomize and recover the passwords from all of these systems in a systematic and secure manner, Linux administrators are forced to leave their systems in a fundamentally insecure state. In enterprises that deploy common account credentials, the compromise of just one password can threaten the security of every other system in the network that utilizes the same credentials.

RED Identity Management rectifies this situation by regularly connecting to all Linux systems via a secure SSH connection, changing the root passwords, and periodically verifying that the randomized passwords are still valid. With these unique, frequently generated passwords, the risk of unauthorized users gaining peer-level access to every system in the network is eliminated.

To learn more about how Lieberman Software can help secure your Novell enterprise, contact an account manager.