Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Identity Management provides complete middleware credential management for Microsoft SharePoint and its privileged accounts.

RED Identity Management automatically discovers privileged account usage on all SharePoint sites (perfect for large SharePoint farms). It allows IT administrators to regularly change the passwords on these accounts in Active Directory, or on the local system, and then propagate the new passwords to all components of SharePoint with a single mouse click.

SharePoint uses privileged accounts to run its activities. Each SharePoint site has its own set of managed privilege accounts. Finding and managing these accounts is extraordinarily difficult. Consequently, these privileged account passwords are rarely changed, potentially leading to failed security audits and loss of secure control due to employee turnover.

SharePoint and Privileged Identity Management

SharePoint’s existing solution consists of free scripts provided by Microsoft. These scripts can work in many situations, as long as an organization is maintaining just a small number of SharePoint sites. In a large environment, or where complete confirmed coverage is required, scripts are not adequate, but RED Identity Management can provide large enterprises with complete middleware credential management for SharePoint and its privileged accounts.

An additional benefit of RED Identity Management is the ability to provide access to the privileged accounts within SharePoint on a controlled basis using a web-based firecall system. This functionality provides a time-limited access to these sensitive accounts to only duly authorized staff members with legitimate IT purposes. This restriction removes the ever-present problem of staff members holding onto high powered credentials indefinitely for no reason.

Comprehensive integration between RED Identity Management and Microsoft SharePoint Server includes:

  • Automatic Discovery – RED Identity Management automatically discovers all privileged accounts in SharePoint Server sites.
  • Controlled Access – RED Identity Management has the ability to grant controlled access to SharePoint Server privileged accounts using a web-based firecall system.

RED Identity Management works with all contemporary versions of SharePoint.

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For more information on how RED Identity Management can help protect your Microsoft SharePoint sites, contact an account manager.

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