Microsoft SCSM Integration with Lieberman Software

As a member of the Microsoft System Center Alliance, Lieberman Software delivers out-of-the box integration between Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Identity Management  and Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM). This deep integration is available at no extra cost to all maintained RED Identity Management customers, extending the power of SCSM to bring you:

  • Improved IT service levels. IT staff get fast, privileged access to systems and applications through the familiar SCSM interface; there’s no time wasted seeking manual approvals, so IT service is maintained with maximum efficiency.
  • Better governance and security. Together the products grant privileged access only to the extent needed to resolve each IT service issue, and only if properly authorized through SCSM; this helps ensure that your organization’s security policies are met.
  • Faster, easier compliance reporting. Authorized administrators can view complete, authoritative documentation of each privileged password check out request including each requester and IP address, time stamps, and the reason for each request; privileged identity management events can automatically open and update trouble tickets inside SCSM to help you maintain continuous compliance.

Together SCSM and Lieberman Software’s solutions provide improved oversight to help organizations meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and regulatory compliance requirements – continuously auditing all access to privileged accounts and providing authoritative records to prove compliance.

Lieberman Software Integrations for SCSM

The Lieberman Software integration is the first to make SCSM your point of control for privileged identity security and compliance. Together these products ensure that only authorized staff can access sensitive systems, only with an approved purpose, and for a limited amount of time – quickly providing authoritative, real-time reports of privileged access policies and histories to authorized management personnel.

The integration ensures that your staff can access only those systems and applications with relevant, open SCSM incidents. All privileged password checkout/check-in transactions become part of the trouble ticket record, are audited and are available for review by IT management and auditors.

RED Identity Management is the first privileged identity management solution capable of verifying SCSM trouble ticket information, ensuring that only those users who provide valid ticket data can receive passwords to access sensitive systems. The Lieberman Software Privileged Access Management Platform does so by:

  • Verifying that the SCSM ticket exists
  • Confirming that the ticket number is for the requested system
  • Validating that the ticket is currently open
  • Verifying that the IT staff member who opened the ticket is authorized for privileged access to the relevant systems and applications

Once these criteria are met, the trouble ticket is also logged into RED Identity Management along with details of the account, system(s), requester, time stamp, IP address and similar information. Only then is the privileged account password released to the IT staff member.

Together with SCSM, RED Identity Management helps organizations lower the cost and uncertainty of complying with regulatory mandates – including mandates requiring open security management events to be resolved.

RED Identity Management also integrates with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

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