Organizations seeking more efficient IT operations, better operational SLAs, improved security and verified proof of regulatory compliance can benefit from implementing privileged identity management (PIM) solutions in conjunction with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

The combined technologies provide enterprises with enhanced monitoring, visibility and management of their powerful privileged accounts.

The Lieberman Software – QRadar Integration

To help customers accomplish these security objectives Lieberman Software’s Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Identity Management has been certified by Q1 Labs (now IBM). The certification allows RED Identity Management to integrate with QRadar open SIEM protocols – LEEF and AXIS – to identify security threats and anomalies. RED Identity Management works with QRadar to correlate security and event data and provide oversight control of elevated privileged accounts. RED Identity Management password check-out/check-in and credentials changes are seen in the QRadar SIEM system, along with successful and failed password verifications. QRadar tracks and correlates privileged account activities, letting users monitor and respond to issues from within the QRadar interface.

Customers can observe the actions taken by privileged users and pass this information along to security auditors.

The PIM – SIEM Advantage

SIEM software collects and correlates log information from systems to track intrusion detection, normal and abnormal job operations, credentials abuse and other security events. SIEM actions can trigger email, text message, trouble ticket and other human notifications. Or they can generate application-oriented actions like stopping jobs, restarting systems, blocking IP addresses and other IT operations that can typically be scripted. PIM solutions manage the accounts that allow privileged access in the network. Privileged accounts hold elevated permission to access files, install and run programs, and change configuration settings. They exist on virtually every IT resource in the organization. Organizations that do not manage their privileged accounts risk having unauthorized users or malicious programs compromise just one password and gain unrestricted access to sensitive data on the network. When paired with QRadar, Lieberman Software’s RED Identity Management provides unparalleled insight into non-interactive use of privileged identities.

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