FireEye Logo Lieberman Software has powerful privileged account autodiscovery, security/configuration reporting and remediation tools available to Mandiant Consultants. Our automated technology speeds investigation and reduces time to recovery. We enable orchestrated cyber defense via our integrations with FireEye Security Orchestrator (FSO) and Threat Analytics Platform (TAP).

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Clean-Up Compromised/Poorly Built Environments in Minutes

Use our Security Mass Management & Remediation Tools to surgically repair problems on systems in minutes.

  • Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Systems Management – a powerful agentless Windows security management tool that reports on and makes global changes to user credentials, groups, rights, registry settings, policies and more.
  • Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Services Management – access, modify and report on Windows service properties concurrently on all systems in the network, and quickly update your service account credentials.
  • Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Task Management – a powerful security management tool that lets you seamlessly add, remove and modify scheduled Windows tasks en masse.
  • Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense COM Management – administers critical COM+, MTS, and DCOM objects on a mass basis through one integrated display.

Take Back “Owned” Environments with Compromised Administrator Accounts

Quickly deploy our automated Privileged Identity Management solution to auto-discover, randomize and encrypt privileged credentials & SSH Keys in minutes across thousands of machines.

  • Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Identity Management – continuously discovers and tracks privileged accounts across the network, automatically providing each account with unique, complex and frequently changing credentials. Provides Privileged Access Management (PAM) services to all critical resources with full audit trail and reporting.

Create Closed Loop Environments that Automatically Remediate Intrusions in Real-Time

Use the pre-built connectors for FSO & TAP to respond to Advanced Persistent Threats and data breaches as they are discovered.

  • FireEye Security Orchestrator (FSO) integration: Currently under development (and slated for release at end of Q1 2017) the connector will allow security orchestration of all RED Identity Management Privileged Layer services, based on FSO workflow.  Using Lieberman’s RED Identity Management open API architecture, FSO will automate standard Best Practices for data breach remediation at the Privilege Layer, including realtime privileged password reset/rotation.  The orchestrated use of automation, versus current manual human activity, will provide instant isolation and containment of data breach threats in minutes, not days, preventing further lateral movement and compromise.
  • FireEye Threat Analytics Platform (TAP) integration: Eliminate the need for IT to intervene when threats are detected by FireEye TAP by providing automated, real-time credential rotation.
    • TAP consumes RED Identity Management privileged layer activity (syslog) for additional context and analytics
    • RED Identity Management monitors TAP activity feed and can immediately change credentials to stop a breach in progress when an intrusion is detected
    • Deliver real-time automated credential management to accelerate responses to threats
    • Maintain an active defense by automatically rotating credentials on a ‘short-lived’ schedule
    • Address threats across dependent systems and accounts to ensure threats don’t spread

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