With the rise in zero day threats and targeted phishing attacks, enterprises need more than perimeter security to protect against hackers who get past the firewall.

We partnered with Core Security (formerly Courion) to address advanced cyber security vulnerabilities in real time. Together, we offer one unified solution for controlling access for both privileged users and regular users. Siloes between Privileged Access Management and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) are removed.

“Identifying and securing vulnerable privileged accounts is key to protecting critical assets if a malicious user breaches your network. This partnership will provide our customers with this protection.”

Venkat Rajaji, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing
Core Security

Our Privileged Access Management solution changes privileged credentials faster than attackers can exploit them. This helps block intruders from accessing critical systems. Core Security’s Vulnerability and Access Risk Management solutions help enterprises manage identities. Their products deter, detect and remediate cyber threats.

Together, the products provide joint customers with greater visibility into privileged users’ access to sensitive systems by monitoring and managing identity-related risks. Customers gain the ability to keep the privileged attack surface in constant motion. And they eliminate hacker “nesting”’ and achieve real time threat containment.

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