Lieberman Software’s Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Identity Management offers deep, out-of-the-box integration with CA Service Desk Manager.

Together the products work to:

  • Verify trouble tickets and privileged access requirements in real-time to assure that only authorized personnel, with a need for access as configured in CA Service Desk Manager, can login to systems with privileged credentials.
  • Automatically update trouble ticket status based on privileged account lifecycle changes such as password check-ins, check-outs, and login changes.
  • Automatically create relevant trouble tickets whenever expected and unexpected events occur within the privileged identity management system – including events such as failed logins, account verification failures, password changes, and others.
  • Easily integrate privileged account status and workflows into your existing CMDB and service management processes– including ITIL and others.
  • Simultaneously integrate with leading SIEM products – for the first time bringing visibility and accountability to privileged user actions that can lead to security events.

The integration between RED Identity Management and CA Service Desk Manager can help transform your organization from relying on unverified trust in individuals’ actions, to utilizing audited controls that promote a culture of accountability and free IT staff from tedious, time-consuming tasks.

The addition of comprehensive privileged access records within CA Service Desk Manager relieves employees from updating trouble tickets by hand while preventing anyone from accessing sensitive data using privileged account credentials without proper authorization as determined by each trouble ticket.

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