Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Identity Management integrates with Advanced Systems Concepts ActiveBatch to significantly increase the security and reliability of workload automation across the enterprise.

With the complexity of today’s IT environments and the frequency of cyber attacks, the need for automated systems management and cyber security solutions is paramount.

RED Identity Management automatically finds and continuously updates the privileged credentials that grant elevated access to systems. It prevents hackers and malicious insiders from exploiting stolen credentials to move laterally throughout the network.

ActiveBatch provides secure workflow automation and enterprise job scheduling. It helps organizations dramatically reduce time-consuming IT operational tasks.

The Lieberman Software – Advanced Systems Concepts Integration

When used together, the products allow mutual customers to take advantage of the high level of security provided by RED Identity Management within the business and IT operational processes that ActiveBatch executes.

The integration functions by having ActiveBatch retrieve the password for any account managed by RED Identity Management. This means that there are no stale passwords that can be exploited during a cyber attack. There’s also an IT operations benefit, because current passwords are always available on demand to authorized users.

And by ensuring that credentials are securely stored within RED Identity Management’s encrypted database, rather than ActiveBatch, organizations can more easily meet the control and auditing requirements of their regulatory mandates.

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