Managing passwords securely is a difficult task. But the integration between Lieberman Software and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), gives you secure single sign-on (SSO) capabilities that ensure your credentials are protected and fresh.

ADFS Support Powered by SAML

In a world where credentials are constantly under attack, there is a race to ensure users are who they say they are and coming in from secure endpoints without unwelcome stowaways. ADFS users have an advantage in that race since they can apply all the latest security and protection in one central place to maximize effectiveness – all in one leading, enterprise-tested federation server. Those capabilities can now be used to authenticate your Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Identity Management users.

With native ADFS support powered by SAML, your users gain the simple, clean log in experience they need. And you are assured that only the right people have access to the right privileges in the right way.

With the ADFS integration for RED Identity Management, you can:

  • Keep administrative use workflow the same, but run the authentication at the RED Identity Management web UI through ADFS. Or simply have it use existing ADFS sessions to log users in.
  • Allow administrative users to access RED Identity Management via the same ADFS portal through which they access their other applications by simply clicking on a badge.
  • Leverage all the extra security measures ADFS supports for RED Identity Management – such as multifactor authentication, rules governing time, location and other aspects of authentication checking, and policies controlling the length and types of sessions a user may have.
  • Use the full power of SAML to pass along the authentication and authorization details needed to ensure security and accuracy.
  • Simplify user lifecycle management by ensuring that any user cut off from ADFS will also instantly lose their access to RED Identity Management – and all the privileges managed there.

A Simple Path Forward for Existing Customers

If you’re a current RED Identity Management customer, you can preserve all of your existing policies and delegations when you switch over to ADFS authentication. You can simply keep the authorization layer in RED Identity Management intact, but switch over the authentication to ADFS right away – so you get the best of both worlds.

With the check of one box, ADFS can be told to pass over information about the users’ that will connect to the information about the policies you already have in RED Identity Management. For example, if you’ve tied delegations to domain groups, then you simply have ADFS pass through that data in the SAML assertion. RED Identity Management will grant your user all the rights they would have had if logging on using the domain identity. You keep your same policies, but your users get ADFS right away.

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