Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense™ Identity Management Version is here.

The most scalable, enterprise-ready Privileged Identity Management solution now includes the following new features:

  • Updated Linux/UNIX system functionality: per-system port assignments allows admins to better support their non-Windows infrastructure without having to create multiple management sets or jobs just because of different ports. This also fixes system refresh and discovery operations as a result.
  • New Self-Elevation account elevation.
  • Enhanced SSH key management and discovery (system and account metadata).
  • Additional SSH key types can now be managed and imported.
  • Web application logon performance has been greatly improved with login times for domain users reduced up to 33%.
  • Numerous enhancements to personal and shared passwords secure stores such as personal encryption passwords for additional layered security for personal passwords.
  • Disconnected Account Management v2 now adds support for systems that will never connect to the system allowing greater freedom and deployment to disconnected systems and networks.
  • Managed Passwords, Shared Passwords, and Personal Password web pages now look essentially the same, have most if not all the same fields and options to provide a seamless experience and reduce cognitive dissonance while using the web application.
  • Proper support for hosting the RED IM components on Windows Server 2016 officially added – no version prior to this could successfully and fully be installed in a native 2016 environment.
  • Support for Windows Server 2016 Scheduled task management and discovery has been added (You must run RED IM from Server 2016!).
  • Native DUO Multi-Factor Authentication support push notifications, phone calls, and plain old token. This adds to the already extensive list of MFA systems we historically supported such as RSA, Phonefactor, Safenet, etc.
  • And more…

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