We typically deploy in large enterprises in weeks, without ongoing professional services.


Our goal is for you to own and manage the platform in-house after deployment.

  • Professional Services are not a required purchase.
  • Services are recommended to jump start projects and for large implementations.
  • Our team will provide free reviews of your Statement of Work (SOW) to help scope it for success.
  • Our competitors require professional installation and configuration services as well as ongoing PS to manage.


  • Our experienced partners accelerate your deployments.
  • Many customers use partners with unique subject matter expertise, combined with your staff to deploy quickly.


We provide unlimited free training (virtual and classroom) for your staff and our partners.

Our competitors charge for training.


Upgrades are quick and can be performed by you, the customer.

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Lieberman RED automatically updates itself as systems and devices come on and off your network.


Lieberman RED automatically and continuously discovers targets and privileged accounts, including service accounts. Our True Discovery™ provides seamless discovery and remediation across all platforms from one console in a single operation.

Our competitors have a separate, external product to perform discovery. The results must be manually imported and mapped to systems and accounts.


We offer a complete orchestration library via PowerShell and web services (SOAP, REST/JSON). Just about every facet of our application can be managed via this library.

Our competitor’s orchestration is generally limited to password check-in/checkout.


Our solution is designed to be easy to maintain and manage over time. With the proper configuration, daily operational procedures are almost non-existent.

Our competitors require hands-on management on a daily basis and dedicated resources to operate and maintain.

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We have “the largest verified deployment… consisting of hundreds of thousands of machines.”1

1 IDCMarketScape: Worldwide Privileged Access Management 2014 Vendor Assessment


  • Our largest customer has more than one million endpoints under management with our product.
  • Our multi-threaded solution easily scales up for performance and out for reliability.
  • There are no limitations to the number of systems, devices or credentials that can be discovered or managed.


The Lieberman RED Suite discovers and rotates passwords on 2,000 machines per minute, per node.

  • A 10,000 node network is scanned in 5 minutes.
  • Our largest customer changes 180,000 passwords per minute with Lieberman RED.

Our competitors can only scan 20 machines per minute.


Our n-tier architecture offers unlimited clustered or mirrored options for HA/DR. You can construct everything from the simplest hot/cold-style HA to the most complex multi-master, enterprise-class HA imaginable.

You are not restricted to a simple menu of “a” or “b” in a “built-in” configuration as offered by our competitors.


We offer an optional distributed node architecture that allows for scale, load balancing across zones, and secure local processing within a DMZ – all managed from a single console.

Our competitors have no equivalent offering.

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Lieberman RED discovers and manages more types of privileged accounts on more platforms.


We have the strongest legacy around managing and securing service accounts. There is no reliance on WMI or cached data. Lieberman RED builds its own CMDB to map and manage service account dependencies. The solution uniquely manages clustered services without disruption.

Our competitors rely on WMI and cached data. They cannot distinguish clustered from standard services. Notable coverage gaps lead to outages from missed account usages.


Regularly change admin passwords on offline systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, and other platforms. We do not store passwords in the clear.

Our competitors have no equivalent offering.


Enumerate and manage cloud platform accounts for Amazon Web Services, Azure Active Directory, IBM SoftLayer, Rackspace Public Cloud and Force.com.

CONNECTORS (SIEM, Helpdesk, etc.)

Out-of-the-box connectors are included at no additional cost. You can easily configure custom connectors with our Event Sink system.

Our competitors require professional services to develop custom connectors.


We provide the security management tools you need to groom your IT environment prior to beginning your privileged identity management project: find and remove unauthorized privileged users, clean up registries, eliminate obsolete accounts and more.

Our competitors have no equivalent offering.


All the Lieberman Software code is written and supported in the USA by US citizens.

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