Cloud Authentication & Enhanced Linux/UNIX Discovery

This new version of Rapid Enterprise Defense (RED) Identity Management extends the cloud functionality of RED Identity Management Version 5.4.0 and significantly advances its Linux and UNIX capabilities.

New Features in RED Identity Management 5.5.0

  • Added the ability to use Azure Active Directory and SalesForce as authenticators for RED Identity Management. What RED Identity Management does is allow you to leverage OAuth 2.0 for both Azure AD and so that any accounts in those cloud systems can be used as the means to authenticate to RED Identity Management. This means that you can simply grant access to the accounts that your third party providers already have in the cloud, and then depend on their own provisioning to ensure that access stays up to date and secure. The result of using this cloud authentication approach is more automation, less surface area for mistakes, and better overall security.
  • Enhanced Linux/UNIX functionality. Major improvements have been made in RED Identity Management’s Linux/UNIX capabilities including a new Linux/UNIX Systems View to complement RED Identity Management’s Windows Systems View. Additional enhancements include:
  • Linux Discovery – As a part of the comprehensive discovery RED Identity Management has always had, you can begin with building up a complete inventory of your Linux systems. RED Identity Management will scan the network, identify the systems, and immediately allow you to start managing them. But it doesn’t stop there. Once RED Identity Management has a foothold on the system it will also find all accounts, SSH Key pairs, sudo policies, and more. This gives you the basis you need to begin securing these systems quickly and efficiently.
    • Full sudo Policy Visibility – The majority of Linux privileges are delegated and controlled by the free sudo tool built into every Linux system by default. Yet, with all that exposure to sudo, few people can still untangle the complicated policy webs people weave when they try to apply sudo seriously – and forget understanding it on the scale of hundreds or thousands of Linux hosts. RED Identity Management will take in every sudoer’s policy file from every host you point it to and lay out the effective policies in place for each and every one of them. You can see how and where privileges are being granted, and get the intelligence you need to act on it.
    • Enriched support for SSH key management which now sees every key type in use today. Few people have the skills to answer a critical question: where are my SSH keys and what are they granting access to? RED Identity Management will find them, catalog them, show where they are on every point it scans, and let you start rolling back the chaos. RED Identity Management will even do the heavy lifting for you, rotating your most critical SSH keys.
  • Added Xerox Printer support.
  • Introduced a new IP Scanner.
  • Added new PowerShell cmdlets, web service calls, and small UI improvements that pushes RED Identity Management farther towards completely orchestrated operations.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

Recorded Webinar

View the product release notes for more details about RED Identity Management 5.5.0. Then contact us for more information.