Task Scheduler Pro

Task Scheduler Pro is a powerful security management tool that lets you seamlessly add, remove and modify scheduled Windows tasks en masse.

Task Scheduler Pro provides the following benefits:

Manage Windows Tasks Centrally

The Windows Scheduled Task facility is a great way to automate recurring tasks on your Windows hosts. The challenge with Scheduled Tasks is a lack of centralized control. Task Scheduler Pro lets you add, remove and edit scheduled tasks, as well as update their supporting files, on all managed Windows systems at the same time.

Task Scheduler Pro

Remotely, Create, Update and Remove Scheduled Tasks

Although Windows Scheduled Tasks can be a great-time saver by automating administrative chores, managing Scheduled Tasks across tens, hundreds or thousands of Windows machines can be a daunting job. Task Scheduler Pro provides a multi-system linear view of the scheduled tasks folders on all managed systems. Any set of scheduled task entries can be highlighted and modified in seconds.

Manage Task Credentials

Windows Scheduled Tasks contain security credentials for the account that the task runs under - the run as account. These Scheduled Task credentials need to be managed and rotated on a regular schedule to prevent unauthorized entry points to your Windows systems. Task Scheduler Pro lets you quickly set or rotate the run as credentials, across all the machines where a Scheduled Task exists, in one operation.

Support for Ad-hoc Tasks

Quite often, you may need to run a script or executable across a range of hosts to address a systems maintenance issue. When this task needs to be run across many Windows machines, it can require either many hours spent accessing each machine, or time spent creating and deploying scripts. Task Scheduler Pro makes this process simple.

Create and Manage Scheduled AT Tasks

In addition to the Scheduled Tasks facility in Windows, there is an older scheduler, called AT. AT is a simple, command-line driven scheduler. Task Scheduler Pro provides management of the AT scheduler, including the ability to create new AT tasks.