Service Account Manager

Service Account Manager (SAM) lets you access, modify and report on Windows service properties concurrently on all systems in the network, and allows you to quickly update service account credentials.

Service Account Manager provides the following benefits:

Update Service Properties and Security Settings

Do you need to modify the properties of a Windows Service definition across a thousand desktops? Are there unnecessary Services running on your Windows desktops or servers, but you can’t find the time to visit them all and update the start-up settings? Do you have a few Services with memory leaks that need to be restarted on a regular basis? This service account management tool makes it quick, easy and reliable.

Remotely access, modify and report on Windows service properties with Service Account Manager

Manage Service Account Credentials

When was the last time you rotated the passwords or credentials on your critical Services? Implementing proper password rotation on these Service accounts is an important part of having a truly secure environment and achieving regulatory compliance. Service Account Manager automates the Service account credential update process, reducing the change time to seconds per machine.

Proper Handling of Service Account Dependencies

Windows Services often include dependencies to or from other Windows Services. Respecting these dependencies during a Service restart is required to ensure that the Windows host and all the Services are fully functioning after the Service restart. Service Account Manager utilizes a proprietary algorithm to map dependency relationships.

Clustered Services Support

Windows Services can be configured to be part of a Cluster Services definition in order to provide failover protection. Changing the credentials or restarting a Service that is part of a clustered service can have unintended consequences such as data corruption. Service Account Manager integrates with the Clustered Services management layer.

Remotely Create, Update and Remove Services

Has a vendor sent you an updated Services executable that needs to be installed across a large group of machines? Do you have an internally developed application that requires installed services, but doesn’t have an install package? Do you have obsolete services defined on Windows hosts in your environment, but no time to clean them up? Service Account Manager can modify, create or remove services.