Analyst Coverage of Lieberman Software

Lieberman Software is covered by IT analysts who research the privileged identity management market. A select list of research papers is included below. Subscriptions are usually required to view the full reports. 

Leadership Compass: Privilege Management
By Martin Kuppinger and Amar Singh

"Lieberman continues to innovate in Privilege Management and offers comprehensive support for Cloud Computing by adding support for the majority of hypervisors as well as most cloud infrastructure providers. Lieberman also has a clear strategy to fully support the Internet of Things (IoT)."

Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Privileged Identity Management Solution, 2015–2016
By Andrew Kellett

"Lieberman Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) is positioned as a market-leading product set. Lieberman presents it as an active cyber-defense solution for the enterprise. Its role is to protect organizations and their data against malicious insiders with elevated privileges, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and other forms of malware. "

How Managing Privileged Access Reduces the Risk of a Data Breach
By Derek Brink
Aberdeen Group

"When it comes to reducing the window of vulnerability for data breaches, Aberdeen Group’s analysis of current enterprise practices in managing privileged access shows that they are virtually always too little, too late. But Aberdeen’s Monte Carlo model quantifies how proactively managing credentials for privileged access actually reduces an organization’s risk of a data breach by 75% to 80%."

SWOT Assessment: Lieberman Software Enterprise Random Password Manager
By Andrew Kellett

"ERPM provides PIM technology, but steers clear of the vault-based password management controls that most PIM vendors offer. Vault-based protection did not stop many of the recently reported, high-profile data breaches that have affected all sectors of industry. Lieberman has chosen an automated discovery and remediation approach that limits cyber-attack opportunities."

Market Guide for Privileged Access Management
By Felix Gaehtgens

"ERPM is highly scalable through its multitier architecture, which can use zone processors to change passwords on a massively parallel fashion. It is also one of few vendors that supports concurrent (not just ad hoc) discovery of privileged accounts and systems, including from hypervisors. This makes the solution particularly attractive to very large organizations."

Critical Questions to Ask Your Privileged Identity Management Solution Provider
By Andres Cser

"Lieberman deployed programmatic orchestration of privileged identity management life cycles and its PowerShell interfaces and web services interfaces allow operation in a headless mode and as a cloud platform."

Leadership Compass: Privilege Management
By Peter Cummings
Kuppinger Cole

"Lieberman [Software] Enterprise Random Password Manager is a very robust and enterprise-class Privilege Management tool. It has been battle tested and has proven itself as a clear Leader. This solution should be considered by any organization thinking of embarking on a Privilege Management journey."

Controlling the Keys to the Kingdom With Privileged Account Management
By Lori Robinson

"Privileged accounts enjoy elevated or unrestricted access to highly sensitive or critical business systems, applications and services; yet these accounts are often mismanaged and unmonitored. IT organizations are under increased business and regulatory pressure to control access to these accounts. Privileged account management (PAM) technologies help organizations control access to privileged accounts through policy-based access controls, password management, command filtering, audit and monitoring capabilities."

Lieberman reaches downmarket, looks to facelift for enterprise customers
By Steve Coplan
451 Group

Lieberman Software is close to releasing a product it is calling Password Spreadsheet Manager, which allows enterprises that currently manually manage privileged accounts and identities in the form of shared spreadsheets to automate and secure the management of credentials and passwords. The release is not a move to shift focus from the high end of the market. In fact, Lieberman is at work on reinforcing its strengths in auto-discovery, scalability and correlation, and has a facelift planned for its administrative console and dashboards.