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Philip Lieberman, President & CEO
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A couple of weeks ago we announced and demonstrated a new version of our flagship product Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) at the Microsoft TechEd show in Houston. The new version goes under the unremarkable version number of 4.83.8 (we call it the .8 release), but it is the culmination of over 1 year of development work.

Various versions of this new release have been in limited alpha and beta release to selected customers starting at Thanksgiving of 2013, and with each successive internal release we have been getting closer to our objective of offering something fresh and new to the Identity and Access Management field regarding privilege management.

While we are not quite ready to ship the .8 release to all of our customers, let me cover a small subset of the new functionality in this month’s newsletter. We will cover the entire feature set once .8 hits general release to all customers.

Delegated Console

We have always thought that Window’s native GUI interface is more efficient, powerful and flexible compared to the web-only solutions of our competitors. The only issue with our console GUI has been the lack of granular delegation of its usage; you either had full access or no access to the console (as well as a multi-factor option to make sure you are who you say you are). In .8 we have introduced fine-grained console delegation to limit what you can get to via the console.

We know that many customers over the years have asked for this feature and we are proud to finally offer it.

New Integrations

Our products are well known for their large list of out-of-the-box integrations, and this version added two more trouble ticket systems: JIRA-Atlassian and Open Technology Real Services (OTRS). We also now have a partnership with CA Technologies where we will be providing a native integration to their trouble ticket system very soon. These trouble ticket systems join the existing list that include BMC Remedy, Microsoft System Center Service Manager, HP Service Manager (a new update is in the works for their 9.X version), and ServiceNow. The nice thing about all of these integrations is that they have been designed to support customizations in your CMDB schema with no problems, and they can all be configured by you and your team in less than 10 minutes.

We also added a new multi-factor token type to our wide range of existing tokens already supported. The new token type is known as InfoCrypt TM and is based on a clever token form factor known as an iButton by Dallas Semiconductor known in their 1-Wire line. I’m pretty confident in saying that we support more multi-factor options natively within our products than anyone else in our field.

SSH Key Support

Another common request from customers has been for us to support the use of SSH keys for user authentication. The latest version implements a complete re-plumbing of our SSH stack to support SSH user key authentication for discovery and remediation. Any private key you have to SSH can now be loaded in our secure storage database and used just as user names/password were previously used.

Privileged Access Management

Have you ever wanted to automate the logon of all your critical corporate-wide applications in a way that did not disclose the credentials (things that don’t support single-sign-on)? Would you like a recording of transactions on sensitive systems? If you have been using closed architectures where applications control what you launch (their list, not yours), or have tried to use “cloud delegated access” only to find it just does not work for the sites you use (how about automatic web logons that just don’t work)? Are you tired of paying for session recording software and proprietary appliances to support session recording (how about a free recording option or event options)? Tired of the lack of scalability? Would you like to use the inexpensive cloud infrastructure for bastion hosts?

Next month you will see what we have been working on for the last year. Hint: we are no longer calling our offering privileged identity management (PIM), nor are we calling it privileged access management (PAM)… it is now privilege management. Learn more next month. A new era in privilege management is about to begin. Stay Tuned!

What do you think? Email me at: You can also follow me on Twitter: @liebsoft or connect with me via LinkedIn.
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Tech Tip of the Month

Auto-Discover Privileged Accounts

Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) reliably discovers and secures the widest range of privileged accounts out-of-the-box. ERPM accommodates a broad range of system and account discovery techniques, giving you the flexibility to configure the solution once, with a minimum of interaction thereafter. Learn How.

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