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   July 2013   

Top of Mind

Staying Ahead of Attackers (Part 1)

Philip Lieberman, President & CEO
Lieberman Software

If you have been following our evolution over the last year, you can see that we have been pouring a lot of effort into R & D to make our solutions more automated at every stage to achieve faster and more complete security coverage of your environment with less and less human interaction each year. Our latest version is designed to provide virtually total machine-to-machine automation via programmatic access using PowerShell and Web Services.

Our mantra is “the less human interaction needed, the faster the product can be deployed and the more comprehensive the implementation.”  As environments get bigger and bigger, we have seen situations where there are simply not enough humans or time available to handle some privileged identity management scenarios manually or via scripts.

Your Attackers Are Automated – Shouldn’t You Be Too?

Those that seek to compromise your security are using automation to find resources and access them, and the only solution is to be even more automated than your attackers at finding holes in your security and securing them faster than they can be exploited.

Worst case – rightly assume that one or more of your machines is owned by an outsider (i.e. successful phishing attack).  Using automation as your defense limits how far an attacker can go in your environment as well as mitigate how long any captured credential can be used.

Consider the vulnerability known as pass-the-hash and automation. If every domain administrator and elevated account is changed every 8 to 24 hours without fail, any hash associated with such a credential is limited to less than 24 hours of validity. Is it possible to change every elevated account in your enterprise automatically and unattended? Yes – we do it every day for customers all over the world.

Speed = Security

The bottom line is: the faster you can deploy our solution and the quicker it reaches all your systems, the better your situation is. Because speed to deployment means speed to reduction of risk for your business, we have tried to get our deployment times for large enterprises down to hours.

Get it Done Now

Our vision is to walk up to a new environment, install our software on a workstation or server, point the solution at your environment, get a cup of coffee, and come back later to find a complete map of systems, identities and where they being used. The discovery process also identifies identities that are being misused (Step 1).

Step 2 is immediate mitigation of problems in minutes. The solution should allow a one click change of any password and have the change flow through and propagate to every place the identity is being used without the need for someone to configure all of the dependencies for different objects, operating systems, etc.

Step 3 is complete randomization of all sensitive credentials and a system to release a limited number of credentials to only those who need them and only for a limited amount of time.

The Bottom Line

Just as an attacker would use automation to characterize your environment and spread their access, we believe that our automation can provide you with the same type of technology except designed to secure your environment and keep it secured by constantly discovering and remediating flaws – such as common credentials and static privileged accounts – before attackers can use them for access.

(Part 2 of this article to come next month...)

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Partner News

Lieberman Software Expands Channel Partner Program to Venezuela

C.G.S.I., C.A. is an IT security solutions and services provider based in Caracas. It is the first authorized partner for Lieberman Software in Venezuela, a country often cited as an emerging market for IT products and services.

"As a company 100% focused in information security solutions and services, we are very motivated about this new business relationship with Lieberman Software," said Paul Ledermann, VP of Commercial Planning at C.G.S.I., C.A.  "According to our knowledge of the market, this is an excellent opportunity for Lieberman Software and C.G.S.I., C.A. to grow together offering to our customers and prospects in Venezuela the best privileged identity management solution on the market."

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Tech Tip of the Month

Upgrade to the latest version of Enterprise/Random Password Manager 4.83.6

If you are a current ERPM customer, you should definitely upgrade to the latest version - 4.83.6. Get programmatic access to all ERPM functionality via SOAP, WSDL and Powershell CMDLets. For a full list of new features and updates please visit the appropriate page:

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