How vulnerable are you to cyber attacks?

Assess your risk. Request a no-obligation Privileged Credential Risk Assessment to get visibility into your identity infrastructure.

By detecting existing accounts, mapping interdependencies, and measuring usage across the infrastructure, we’ll provide you with a complete view of risk.

Holistic View

Automated identification and discovery of privileged credentials.

Risk Identification

Vulnerability identification for at-risk privileged credentials.

Rapid Stabilization

At-risk privileged credential remediation and best practice establishment for continuous protection.

How it Works

  • Performs automated discovery of privileged identities and their attributes including age of credentials
  • Delivers hierarchical views of systems and accounts, and uncovers dependencies
  • Identifies and documents vulnerabilities and identities at risk
  • Ensures environment is being run to policy by assessing the age of credentials and determining if they are in compliance
  • Quickly stabilizes the credential environment with tools to normalize accounts and clean up identities and excess privileges
  • Delivers a rapid remediation plan that will fix critical issues in as little as a week
  • Establishes a continuous best practice within the organization to stabilize the environment and keep identities uniform and secure