Create and Manage Scheduled AT Tasks

Task Scheduler Pro is a handy tool for IT administrators who need to manage Windows tasks across all of their systems as a set. But it’s also one of the only ways to create the AT tasks that run locally by default. Task Scheduler Pro even provides the ability to manage the credentials used by the AT service.

About AT Tasks

The AT Service is a scheduler that has long existed in Windows. It was mostly supplanted when the more sophisticated Task Scheduler system was developed, though it does still provide one crucial bit of functionality. The AT Service is convenient for creating new tasks on systems that don't require network access, such as backup jobs which archive to local drives.

Few options are available for scheduling AT tasks and no options exist for permissions, run as accounts or error handling. That’s because AT tasks run locally as the AT service account by default, and are therefore limited to local system access only. Here’s where Task Scheduler Pro comes in.

Creating and Managing Scheduled AT Tasks

To create a new AT task, launch Task Scheduler Pro, select your systems, and from the context menu or "Manage | Task Create/Delete" menu choose 'New AT Task'.

Supply the path to the file and any required parameters. Select the scheduling frequency by day, week or month, and also enter the hour of the day to run the task. Then choose whether the task should be run interactively, which will display a UI to the logged on user. Click OK to add the AT task and the command will be parsed to the scheduled tasks view.