RSA enVision

RSA enVision integrationsLieberman Software Corporation and RSA have collaborated to provide greater control over access to critical IT resources by removing user anonymity and revealing who had access to sensitive systems, when and for what purpose. The products work together to give IT management a clear view of what is happening within their environments and who specifically is behind the activity.

RSA enVision Integration  

Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM) offers deep, native integration with RSA enVision to deliver enhanced application layer monitoring, improved visibility, and proactive management of the privileged accounts that grant access to sensitive data and critical configuration settings across the enterprise.  

With this integration customers can monitor and react to the operation of Lieberman Software's privileged identity management systems from within the RSA enVision interface. Existing enVision customers can lower the cost of security compliance by maintaining end-to-end auditing and control over the privileged accounts present on servers, workstations, network appliances, applications, databases and middleware. This native integration utilizes an event generation and forwarding model and offers a wide range of configurable filters and connectors.

Privileged identities, such as administrator and root account passwords, provide elevated permission to access files, install programs and change configuration settings on operating systems, line of business applications, databases and network appliances. If not properly secured, these privileged identities can be exploited by unauthorized users and malicious programs, leading to unrestricted access to sensitive data throughout the network.

Prior to this integration, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions could show when and where critical security events occurred, but there was no way to see which actions corresponded to which privileged user. The collaboration between Lieberman Software and RSA correlates human check-outs of privileged credentials with ERPM, providing the full picture to IT groups of what their users are doing - whether right and wrong.