Cratering Technology

Need to stop a program from running on your Windows systems right now? Found a virus but don’t have an updated definition file from your anti-virus vendor?

User Manager Pro’s patented Access Control List (ACL) management technology, called File Cratering, can save the day.

With Cratering, you can identify and block malicious software from executing on client systems, rendering it harmless and preventing propagation throughout the Windows network.

To use Cratering, select any file on a Windows host and set the permissions to Everyone:Deny Full-Control, then automatically reboot the machine. The program – whether it’s malware or an application that violates your organization’s security policies – can’t start when the machine reboots.

User Manager Pro can also search for files on a list you provide, and Crater them if found on any machine. This allows you to take the proactive step of using Cratering to insert a series of files with known virus names. If known malware then attempts to infect your systems, it is unable to do so because a locked file has already taken its place.

Download Cratering: Survive and Prevent Virus Outbreaks to learn how to protect and disinfect your Windows environment from virtually any virus.

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