Who Holds the Keys to Your IT Kingdom?

A Bank Regains Control

A large U.S. bank called us in distress the day after a fired IT staffer published the organization’s administrator passwords on the Internet. The organization’s IT security team was near panic because their servers and applications were suddenly vulnerable.

Fortunately Lieberman Software helped the bank quickly find, update and continuously secure its privileged passwords on every server, database and line-of-business application to prevent a security breach and ensure that this kind of crisis can’t happen there again.

Learn from the Privileged Identity Management Leaders

Today’s identity access management software can’t safeguard your organization’s privileged, “super-user” accounts – but there are four simple steps you can take to get them under control.

Download “Who Holds the Keys to Your IT Kingdom? Four Key Steps to Securing Privileged Identities” to learn the essential steps you can take right now to:

  • Identify vulnerable privileged account passwords and at-risk IT assets;
  • Reduce IT administrative workloads; and
  • Control, monitor and audit access to business data.