SCADA Security Challenges and Privileged Account Management

SCADA is at the core of today’s industrial automation and control systems, found in energy power plants, electricity supply grids, chemical plants and more. Truly “mission critical” in nature, these systems demand 100% availability – even while coming under frequent cyber attack. Given that the very heart of our critical national infrastructure runs on SCADA, how can we ensure the security of these systems?

Download “SCADA Security Challenges and Privileged Account Management” to learn:

  • The history of SCADA and how the past contributes to current vulnerabilities in these systems;
  • Who is the primary threat to SCADA, and what is the motivation of these attackers;
  • How to secure weak, default passwords commonly found in SCADA systems; and
  • Other tips to eliminate the security holes that leave SCADA systems vulnerable to hackers.