Four Steps to Securing Privileged Identities in Finance

The CISO at a large financial institution contacted us after executives at his firm asked him to regain control over PCI-DSS regulatory compliance mandates. An internal report showed that administrative access to servers and applications was not secure. Executives knew they had to maintain compliance to stay competitive.

After a pilot deployment, a review of the resulting efficiency gains proved the case for Lieberman Software’s privileged access management product. Following a full enterprise deployment, the company achieved lower cost of compliance in all of its datacenters worldwide.

Download “Who Holds the Keys to Your IT Kingdom? Four Key Steps to Securing Privileged Identities in Finance” to learn the simple steps you can take right now to:

    • Comply with PCI-DSS audits;
    • Identify at-risk IT assets; and
    • Control and audit access to sensitive financial data.

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