ObserveIT LogoEnterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM)  fully integrates with ObserveIT for full video playback of all on-screen activities of any Remote Desktop, Citrix, VDI, VMware View or any other remote access software exactly as they happen, both in real time as well as from historical recordings.

The integration with ERPM allows you to capture and monitor all administrator and user activity via session screen-recordings. The ObserveIT product can also be used in conjunction with our User Manager Pro Suite Windows security management tool.

Lieberman Software and ObserveIT work in conjunction to generate an authoritative audit trail that allows organizations to fully monitor the activities of users who log into systems using account credentials recovered from ERPM. The integration eliminates the need to playback hours of recordings to find individual events.

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For more information on how this integration can help secure your organization, contact an account manager.