Microsoft Azure Certified Deploy RED Identity Management in Resilient Azure Infrastructure

Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Identity Management  works in concert with Microsoft Azure to eliminate static and shared credentials wherever they reside – both on-premises and cloud. In doing so, RED Identity Management reduces your organization’s attack surface and extends privileged account security controls to layers that reside on cloud service provider (CSP) hypervisors – from the tenant VM operating systems up. An RED Identity Management instance deployed in either Azure IAAS or on-premises discovers and manages privileged identities on all layers of your IT stack, both on premises and inside the cloud.

By supporting pre-built Azure images, an entire RED Identity Management environment can be programmatically deployed within the Azure cloud and orchestrated, with minimal human intervention. Users can distribute the components of RED Identity Management on Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), from the Azure control panel, wherever Azure data centers reside. By extending privilege management controls to the Azure service platform, RED Identity Management helps organizations maintain governance and security best practices as they migrate to the cloud.

Use of zone processors allows RED Identity Management to manage tenant VMs regardless of whether the machines are on a common domain or segregated. The deferred processing capability helps you reliably discover and secure privileged accounts on virtual systems without regard to latency or the current network connection state. Zone processors can be deployed on an unlimited number of virtual machines to enable concurrent processing that scales to your deployment, and efficient management regardless of scale.

You can easily automate the configuration and workflows as new physical, virtual, and cloud-based assets come online – ensuring that devices, hosts, and VMs all have unique, frequently changed credentials to improve security and lower your operational costs. The secure, point-to-point connectivity from your datacenter to the Azure cloud gives you flexibility in choices for deployment and disaster recovery architectures. And, hosting RED Identity Management from Azure can save significant hardware and licensing costs.

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