FoxT logoLieberman Software’s Adaptive Privilege Management Platform integrates with FoxT privileged user management (PUM) products to eliminate a wide range of security threats related to unmanaged privileged passwords. The integration helps large enterprises better address IT security audit findings, achieve continuous compliance of regulatory mandates and reduce the risks of insider threats.

When Lieberman’s Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM) is used in combination with FoxT Enterprise Access Management solutions, the products help organizations significantly secure access to systems throughout the datacenter.

With FoxT Enterprise Access Management solutions, privileged account passwords are not disclosed to end users and with ERPM, privileged account passwords are granted only to authorized IT staff on a need-to-know basis, for a limited time. In both cases, a full audit trail of user and administrative access are logged and made available to management and auditors for simplified compliance reporting.

ERPM manages the privileged accounts used by the FoxT delegation system for users. ERPM also provides direct access to the FoxT user delegation system via an audited web interface.

As a result of this integration, users can log into ERPM, locate the systems they want to control, issue commands and monitor the responses through one interface.