How long does your organization take to respond to a cybersecurity event? How much damage is caused before the vulnerability is fixed?

Lieberman Software and FireEye have collaborated to deliver a market first: A uniquely new integrated, automated capability designed to greatly improve data breach remediation response time and lower cybersecurity risk for enterprises.

For the first time, Lieberman Software enables a sophisticated new level of automated defense against “land & expand” cybersecurity attacks via real time, rapid rotation of all privileged attack surface credentials in an affected domain/region/asset class, based on monitoring real-time feeds from FireEye’s Threat Analytics Platform (TAP).

Real-Time Threat Response

Eliminate the need for IT to intervene when threats are detected by FireEye by providing automated, real-time credential rotation. Immediately change credentials to stop a breach in progress when an intrusion is detected by FireEye.

Get the Integrated Solution

Make FireEye better with Lieberman Software technology:

  • Go beyond “Detect and Respond” to “Detect and Immediately Act”
  • Quench outbreaks identified by FireEye TAP automatically in minutes
  • Automate active cyber-defense; no human interaction required
  • Leverage Privileged Activity Connector for FireEye TAP
  • Gain visibility to privileged activities in TAP
  • Achieve Automation, Scale and Orchestration
  • Build automated and orchestrated cyber-defense solutions with the integrated capability in minutes – ideal for Systems Integrators
  • Ensure gold standard of government, defense, financial, and similar targeted segments seeking active cyber defense

Integration Details

FireEye TAP consumes Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) syslog output in JSON format, adding this critical privileged identity and access management context to the TAP analytical view for analysis and correlation.

ERPM is an adaptive privilege management platform that protects organizations against malicious insiders, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other sophisticated cyber attacks. It ensures that powerful privileged identities are only available to audited users on a temporary, delegated basis — preventing unauthorized and anonymous access to systems with sensitive data.

By natively integrating with FireEye’s widely-accepted TAP, ERPM delivers automated, ‘closed loop’ integration and enables Automated Intrusion Response for joint customers.

To learn more, download the ERPM FireEye Integration Datasheet.