Lieberman Software’s 2014 State-Sponsored Attack Survey reports on IT security professionals’ insights into how susceptible today’s networks are to advanced, state-sponsored cyber attacks.

Highlights include:

  • More than 20% of respondents are no longer confident in the ability of perimeter security tools to defend against today’s APTs.
  • 58% of IT security pros are not confident that their network has never been breached by a state-sponsored attack or advanced persistent threat.
  • 59% of respondents think a state-sponsored attack will attempt to breach their organization in the next six months.
    • Of these, 44% are not confident that their IT staff can detect the presence of an attacker who attempts to breach their network or extract private data.
  • 44% of security pros do not think their organization’s security products and processes can keep up with new and emerging security threats.

Download the 2014 State-Sponsored Attacks Survey report for details.

State-Sponsored Attack Survey Analysis

These findings verify the serious security risk that today’s state-sponsored attacks pose.  The results indicate that these types of attacks are difficult to identify, let alone stop. Only 41% of respondents think that their security products and processes can keep up with new and emerging security threats, which is down significantly from 57% from last year.

Lieberman Software’s recommendation is that organizations look beyond a conventional perimeter security approach of firewalls, antivirus tools and similar products that are only effective at blocking identified threats. Instead, a defense-in-depth strategy that can limit the value of stolen credentials, and prevent unrestricted access throughout the network when attacks do penetrate the perimeter, should also be deployed.

About the State-Sponsored Attack Survey

The survey queried IT security professionals attending BlackHat USA 2014 in Las Vegas, NV. All respondents were registered attendees of the show, and the surveys were conducted anonymously in the exhibition hall during the conference.

About Lieberman Software Corporation

Lieberman Software is a leader in the privileged identity management security field. Its products automatically locate and continuously secure powerful privileged accounts throughout the cross-platform enterprise.


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