RED Identity Management’s New Pooled Account Rotation Feature Eliminates Lockouts and Disruptions Caused by Failed Password Updates

(LOS ANGELES, CA – January 21, 2015) It can be almost impossible to manually discover and track all of the privileged accounts that exist in large enterprise environments, and then change the passwords for those accounts frequently enough to maintain secure access to systems with sensitive data. However, when systems can’t be reached for credentials updates due to network delays, maintenance issues, and similar problems, failure to change interdependent privileged credentials can lead to business disruptions and lockouts.

With the new pooled account rotation feature in Lieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM), users can reliably configure privileged password changes on a continuous basis. This feature significantly lowers the risk of lockouts and cascading system failures caused when password updates for service and process accounts don’t reach every place on the network where those accounts are referenced.

About Pooled Account Rotation

With pooled account rotation, IT groups can configure account pools of any size to use during privileged account password change jobs. As the scheduled password change job progresses, it advances through the accounts in the pool — leaving previous accounts intact until it’s their turn to be re-randomized and propagated.

Any systems that can’t be reached during a password change can still reference previous valid credentials from the account pool, so there’s a lower risk of service disruptions and account lockouts – even if target accounts are unreachable on several attempts.

ERPM is an adaptive privilege management platform that automatically locates, secures and audits privileged accounts throughout the cross-platform enterprise – including notoriously difficult to manage service accounts. It ensures that powerful privileged accounts are only accessible to audited personnel on a temporary, “need-to-know” basis – preventing unauthorized and anonymous access to critical systems.

“ERPM’s up-to-the second automated discovery of privileged accounts, combined with the new industry-unique pooled service account rotation feature, gives customers best-in-class reliability in privileged identity management,” said Philip Lieberman, President and CEO of Lieberman Software. “By dynamically discovering every location on the network where service accounts are referenced, ERPM and the account pooling feature lets users change privileged credentials securely and meet regulatory compliance mandates – without the need for manual intervention or worries about system lockouts and downtime.”

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